• Sunset

Sunset in Baden

A beautiful sunset between Forst (Baden) and Weiher

Sunset in a summerevening

A beautiful sunset in Ubstadt-Weiher.

Seagull in the Sunset

This photo comes straight out of the camera. Sadly, the focus wasn't placed perfectly on the seagull, but it was one of the best snapshots I got straight out of the camera. I love the beautiful colors of the beginning fall.

Strange sky.

Sunset in Rome

Hambrücker Straße

Sunset in the Bus


Putting a Nifty-Fifty in front of a telezoom = Super awesome!


Pictures with a nice Bokeh


A saltmine in germany


Images of animals in various zoos around Germany

Photowalk Mannheim

Photos of a photowalk in the year 2011


These pictures have a high focus on clouds